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New Wayne Ovation™ HS Ultra-High-Capacity Fuel and DEF Dispenser

Posted by Tad Cooper on Jun 22, 2017 1:58:22 PM

Wayne Fueling Systems has a new Fuel Dispenser on their market. The Ovation HS Ultra-High-Capacity Dispenser Series consists of multiple fuel dispenser models which cater to the needs of every Acterra customer. 

With their high-flow hydraulics, user-friendly interface, and durable materials, these new dispensers are ideal for a wide range of fueling stations. Whether you have an inter-city fueling station with general consumer islands or a highway truck stop with high-volume truck islands, the Ovation Dispensers are ideal and compatible for both.

The five different Ovation HS Ultra-High Capacity Dispenser models equipped with a variety of fueltypes are listed below:

  • The Ovation HS Fuel Dispenser is equipped with satellite dispensers and holds only diesel fuel.
  • The Ovation HD Fuel Dispenser holds a combination HS diesel and cold climate DEF. This model is equipped with an insulated and heated DEF hydraulic and hose handling cabinet for temperatures falling below 12oF. Due to the hose handling cabinet, this module may be ordered as one sided only.
  • The Ovation HW Fuel Dispenser is similar to that of the HD Fuel Dispenser in that it holds diesel fuel as well as DEF, but this model is for climates always above 12oF. Diesel and DEF hydraulics are housed together in a standard, unheated dispenser cabinet. This model is a dual-sided dispenser and it is connected to a master diesel hose.
  • The Ovation D DEF Dispenser is the only model that dispenses exclusively DEF. It can be purchased with a heated DEF hydraulic and hose handling cabinet for climates below 12oF or with a standard unheated cabinet where the temperature never falls below freezing. This model also has the option of being a single and dual-sided dispenser.
  • The Ovation HL Fuel Dispenser runs high-flow and standard flow diesel. This model can accommodate large trucks as well as passenger vehicles from the same dispenser. A standard-flow hose is provided on each side, that is connected to a master diesel hose.

The Ovation HS Ultra-High-Capacity Dispenser is the new, high-tech model that will take your fueling station to the next level. Equipped with an iX Pay™ Secure Payment system, one of the most secure payment platforms available, these dispensers are designed for investment-protecting regulation compliance. Available only in North America, order through Acterra Group and become "the envy of the truck island". For more information, visit Ovation Fuel Dispenser.

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